Electric cables and radiators recycling

Riciclaggio cavi elettrici e radiatori

Compact machines and lines for the recovery of copper and aluminum by milling and dry separation of the metal from the insulating part, from aluminum or copper (ex. radiators).

W.E.E.E. Recycling and CAR FLUFF

Riciclaggio WEEE e CAR FLUFF

Lines for the recycling of all the metals present in electrical, electronic household appliances and car-fluff.

Non-ferrous metals recycling

Riciclaggio metalli non ferrosi

Machines for the dimensional reduction, cleaning and separation of metals, among them or from other non-metallic products (ex. glass, wood, plastic, etc.).

Plastics recycling

Riciclaggio materie plastiche

Machines for the dimensional reduction, cleaning and separation of plastics from contaminants (ex. glass, wood, aggregates, etc.).

Dry densimetric separation

Separazione densimetrica a secco

Dry separation systems for cleaning products having uniform size and different specific weight (ex. metal/plastic, plastic/wood, rice/gravel, etc.).

Aggregates and glass recycling

Riciclaggio inerti e vetro

Mini mobile jaw crushers, diesel or electric for crushing stone, concrete, glass, ceramics, etc.

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